Ask The Contractors
Ask The Contractors
Podcast: Homeowners True Feelings; Stockton's Hot Market; Stuff we Find in Walls

It makes me feel good that I’m able to help homeowners with projects that could be considered challenging. Renovations can be trying on a family. It can even be trying on your pet dog. It’s a big disruption when you do a renovation so we want to help you do it the right way.

We want you to have good memories and say this renovation was exciting and fun. We learned a lot.

I get sad when I hear people saying, “I’ll never renovate again because we didn’t expect this or that…” No !! is your source for local Home Improvement Pros. This is where we cut through it all and nail things down. I’m your host, Todd Bird.

What’s new in the world? New roofing for a client. Next week we start a bathroom remodel. New kitchens. We have new addition projects coming up.

It’s going to be a very good year.

We’re in November but I think the year is going to end with a bang, and then start off with a bang.

As always, I love bringing you the latest homeowners’ news.

By the way, our news articles are unbelievable.

Affordability Chart

California homes become more affordable in the third quarter. (3:25) The housing market is affordable despite the fact that the taxes here in California are killing people. The last I looked, they still want more money out of our pockets… It’s a shame.

Dallas home

Move over Dallas, L.A. Homebuyers are Moving In. (5:30) New data from Zillow shows that more than 30% of the people looking for new homes in Texas are current dwellers of L.A., New York, and Chicago. And more are coming.

Show Prep

Home Renovation Spending Forecast to Fall Despite Strong Market. (6:30) Keep in mind that we’re going into an election year which I think does affect the housing market, and the economy is based around remodels. I have more on this in the show…

All of us, at one point, have been a first-time buyer. I was a first time buyer years ago. You’ve been a first-time buyer, and if you’re not a first-time buyer at one point when you desire to have a house, guess what, you’re going to become a first-time buyer. So, What’s on the First-Time Home Buyers Wish List? You may be surprised. (10:30)

I love news reports like this… (15:00) Family Finds 1940’s Newspaper During Home Renovation. I’m not trying to be a Topper, but I do want to tell you a story of what I found in the walls of an old home.

It’s exciting to find cool stuff between the walls of a home.

Stockton Map

Did You know…

Stockton housing market is one of the hottest in the country in November? (21:00) That wasn’t so a couple of years ago, but it’s making a comeback.

Evan Reciti, Executive Vice President for Reality Hop joins us.

Appliance invention

I’m one of those who have not bought into the High-Tech Home yet.

It scares me and I’m a contractor. I can see that Connected Kitchens are slow-in-coming.

So I’ll share Homeowners True Feelings about High-Tech Kitchens ( 30:00)

But I do have an idea for a High-Tech Appliance.
Click to listen and I’ll tell you about it.

Lastly, This is my Favorite Part of the Show

I love it when you sending me your Home Renovation questions.

This question from Robin.

“I have a large family and we are looking into building a house. How do we go about creating a site plan?”

A preliminary set of plans can be used to get some bids off from, count two-by-fours, count square footage, and start a budget. We’ll answer Robin’s question to help her get an idea of how much materials and labor it will take to get this project done.  

I’ll also give Robin some homework to help her save some money on her building plans. Every penny counts!

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