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Podcast: New Housing, New in 2020 & New Questions/Answers for You

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It’s a new show and a New Year, with lots of exciting projects coming up around your home. I want to hear all about them. Send me your details of what you’re doing around your home. I know others want to hear about it too.

“That’s what this show is all about. It’s about keeping your home in prime condition. And in order to keep it in prime condition, you’ll need help doing it.”

Todd Bird, Host of Ask The Contractors

You may need a new roof, siding, or windows. Or, you may need some sheetrock repair, and new flooring. You name it. We talk about that on this show.

This is where we cut through it all and nail things down. I am your host Todd Bird.

In fact, later in the show… Are you thinking about doing a kitchen or bathroom this year? We’re going to talk about the top trends in kitchens and bathrooms in 2020.

2020 building construction
Sacramento Commons Housing Development

Speaking of great shows, we are broadcasting from the Sacramento Commons project in Sacramento, California. This project includes two high rise residential buildings, a pair of mid-rise residential buildings, and a mixed-use building. More on that coming up…

Now what’s interesting about this is, it ties in with the affordable housing conversation we are going to have later in the show. So, stay with us.

We have a wonderful show lined up for you today.

And as always, I like to dig into some 2020 Housing News from Around the Country.

Graph of interest rates in 2020

With the interest rates being as low as they are, and the housing market being where it is, 2020 should be prosperous for all of us.

That’s great news. So let’s have a good year as mortgage rates remain stable to start in 2020.

Does that mean an early start to spring home buying? We will see…

A National Association of Homebuilders forecasts gains in single-family starts.

That’s amazing. That’s incredible. And forecasts indicate small monthly gains and housing starts in the month ahead.

I’ll tell you why that’s good. We want things to gradually go up.

And speaking of Affordable Housing, new revisions to a California regulation designed to pave the way for passage of landmark housing bill, SB 50, is dead. State Senator Scott Wiener was seeking to raise height limits around transit lines, which means taller buildings so that more people can stay closer to public transit, allowing denser development and high-income areas. It would have also streamlined permitting for multiple, multiple-family housing developments.

The case for more Mass Timber Construction

The possibilities offered by using engineered wood in the construction industry is enticing builders and dividing environmentalists.

Gas Pump

And a funny little news story which could be very, very serious. Las Vegas Fire & Rescue teams discovered an illegal gas station in a home. This is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Folks, do not hoard gas!

“Do you see a ding dong crime story in the construction trades? I’d like to hear about it. I’d like to know what ding dong things people are doing out there.”

My favorite part of the show: Question of the Week.

Rafter support system
How Much Weight Can I Hang from my Rafters?

Those of you who send me a question, I like to talk about them. Now, this is a follow-up to a question we had earlier on The question goes, I’m looking to build a climbing wall in my garage, with Leslie on the phone line.

I Want To Help You With Your Projects

It could be a kitchen remodel, it could be a bathroom remodel, it could be hanging gutters or your roof repair, or shutters, or sheetrock, or electrical, or plumbing.

I’m an active contractor here in Northern California for over 30 years, and I primarily do room additions. I do bathrooms, and I do kitchens.

What are the New Trends for 2020?

Well, guess what? We have the latest kitchens and bathroom trends.

2020 Trends
2020 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

Do you have some trends going on in your kitchen, or your bath? What are some thoughts that you have? Send them to me.

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