Past Questions

Question: Installing Home Siding in the Heavy Rain

Question from Tom

We understand the materials on this home siding job will be wet on both sides when attached.
Is it ok to start a moisture wrap and vinyl siding job when its pouring rain?

So, this is an interesting question…

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Question: Best Quality Paint for High Traffic Areas

Question from Mimi:
We installed factory painted doors that have one panel with an embedded trim of molding around the panel. Since the molding protrudes, it has become very scratched up and chipped. I understand how to fill the chips, but I want to paint the moldings with the strongest paint to endure the wear and tear it may get.
The doors are painted with a glossy matte.
This is the Question:
Which paint type would you suggest that has the finest look and the strongest effect?

Guess what? I’m hanging out at Home Depot today and they have a lot of quality paint types to choose from, so let’s figure this out for Mimi. In fact, Home Depot my favorite place in the world even if I’m not stocking up for a project. I come over here and I get great ideas.

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Question: Tile Installation, which Tile Board is best?

Question from Jon

The contractor doing my bathroom renovation has used gold bond Purple XP (a water-resistant drywall) as a backer for the tile in my shower.

This is the Question:
Is this an accepted practice or should I be concerned?

To help answer this question we’re bringing on ATC contractor, Paul Reeves with Reeves Construction.

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Question: Framing Wood is Split. Should we use them?

Question from Pam
The framers are using wood with cracks and frays. They told me that’s normal for the wood.
This is the Question:

Should I require the work to be undone to replace this wood?

To give you a little background. Pam’s having her home framed. This is rough framing. Her contractor is using two-by-fours, headers, all that fun stuff.

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Question: Joining an Existing Ridgeline

Question from James – in Georgia
We are adding a large porch to the front of our home. The home also features a large chimney at the front of the home.
This is the Question:

How do I join the ridge beam into the existing structure where there’s a brick chimney stack?

I love questions of the week I’m going to help James answer a question he sent me from Georgia.

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Question: How Do I Detect Mold Spores?

Question from Jeff in Folsom.
Environmental purity is a big concern for my family.
This is the Question:

How can I check my home for air-borne mold spores?

So, joining us now is Blake Roath, Owner / Operator of Select Environmental to help answer this question.

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Question: Converting a Carport to Bedrooms

Question from Sterling – in Georgia
Our Carport has original brick pillars and a roof attached to the house, while the concrete slab flows up with the driveway.
This is the Question:

How could I build up the carport floor to keep water out?

Joining me now to answer this question is Sterling.

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Question: Flat Roof & Roof Decks

It’s my favorite part of the show because I get to answer a question from our listeners. This one’s coming from Paul in Florida.

This is a great question. It might be a little confusing but I’m going to help us figure this out.

Question from Paul – in Florida
I need to replace my concrete tile roof, not a cheap prospect.
This is the Question:

I was wondering about the cost and practicality of removing the roof and replacing it with a flat roof. Then we would build a slightly raised deck over top of that?

To help answer this question I have Jarred Chappelle. He is a roofer who works for my company and he’s a great guy.

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Question: Payment Schedules. How much & when?

Question from “Ted” – in Sacramento
Our Landscaper is very “casual” with his business practice. There’s no actual contract. He has nothing really in print except hand-drawn diagrams with a few details, including his price.
He’s asked us to provide him with a check for $700 to buy supplies, and then we’ll schedule the work.
This is the Question:
– We’ve never run into this before, and just need to ask if this is something we need to worry about?
– What would you recommend we do?

To help me answer this question, I have the homeowner Ted.

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Question: Siding Replacements

Question from “S” in California
We are trying to avoid a full re-siding job since the siding is in great shape. But the gable-end of our ranch faces the street, and vertical would improve the look.

These are our Questions:
– Can we re-side one end of a horizontally sided house with vertical siding?
– Could we re-side just one end of the house in a vertical channel or board and batten siding in wood or metal?
– Where the two sidings meet on the corners, how would they be finished or joined?

Joining us now is Paul Reeves of Reeves Construction. He is an expert on home renovations. 

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