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Ask The Contractors
Question: How can I fix my cracked Tongue & Groove ceiling board?
I have a Tongue and Groove ceiling and there is a crack in one of the boards.

Question from Josh:

Can I fix this? Should I be concerned?

This is a really, really good question. And a very important question. Josh actually sent me a picture and showed me exactly what was going on.

I want you to see the picture that’s been posted on the website. You might have the same problem.

ceiling crack
Close up view of split Tongue and Groove

Well, I looked at the picture and yes, you should be concerned. That’s not just a crack, you got part of your board missing. So, you want to make sure that you have a contractor come out and look at that to make sure that you’re structurally safe. Okay?

“Tongue and Groove is pretty difficult to repair because you have the tongue and groove from which the board’s interlock with each other.”

Todd Bird, Host of

However, it can be repaired but when it’s repaired, the tongue is actually going to have to be cut so you can fit the board up there.

You won’t see the repaired ceiling. It’ll look like the original wood has been put back up.

Tongue and Groove board

Click here for a step-by-step set of instructions to repair a Tongue and Groove panel.

Josh, you may still want to have a professional do the repair because of it’s location on the ceiling.

But here’s the thing. That’s more than just a crack. That absolutely could be dry rot. I need to look a little closer at what you sent me. I can’t quite see all of it. But make sure you don’t have dry rot in your roofing materials, or that it’s penetrating into your sheathing. So, absolutely have that checked out by a contractor.

I want to know more about how this turns out because that’s more than just a crack, Josh. Thank you for sending your question.

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