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ATC Podcast: Granite; Alex Project Update; Balcony Question

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Today we update you on The Alex job. We’re following this job from start to finish.

Now, last time we talked we had rough electrical going in. We had rough plumbing being finished up; hardwood floors and the sheetrock has been completed. Meanwhile we’re ready to paint.  

This type of granite; it’s just gorgeous.


So today we are setting our Granite. This Granite almost looks like a river is running through. Also recessed sinks – under mount for some of you.

Yeah, but before we work on this project, we’re going to be doing some news that affects the housing market.

Then I answer a question from a listener about her balcony addition options.

What’s News…

Homeownership Rates remains Stable in 2018. (2:30) The first American homeownership program index found that affects an individual’s opportunity to own a home. Moreover, the five states nationwide with the greatest year-over-year increase in the potential homeownership are:

  • Delaware
  • Washington DC
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin
  • and New Jersey

Surprisingly, the state with the greatest year-over-year decrease in potential homeownership demand: Idaho

Framing Install

The Cost of Home Building Materials declined in June. (3:45) Here’s another thing that can affect home building materials and that’s what happens over in Iran. That’s going to affect oil prices.  

Pack your bags because this is where Millennials are moving in 2019. (4:30) Sacramento’s not on the list of the top-25.

Farmers Market

Also, I always like these kinds of stories. What Americans want in their dream neighborhood. (6:45) So, this is a list of what must be included in a dream neighborhood starting with a grocery store.

Therefore, these are all reports to help you take care of your home and build some equity in your home. That’s going to make it a lot easier for the next step.

Use our Facebook page and let us know how you feel about your dream home. What are your dream amenities for the home?

Above all, we’re here to make sure you get the latest news on Home Trends. To prove it… A tiny house you can take for a spin. (10:33)


We’re going to go to The Alex Project. This is a project we’ve been following for quite a while. (14:15) From start to finish. We had rough plumbing being finished up. We had hardwood floors going in, but now we’re midway through. Sheetrock has been completed, and we’re ready for paint in the kitchen and bathroom. Also, beautiful cabinets we being installed. Our hood is going in, so we have great ventilation when the range arrives.

“I’ve got to tell you that this project is rocking and rolling”

Host Todd Bird

Meanwhile, we are setting our Granite which is being fabricated in the front yard.  

Then we’re going to be talking about balconies.

It’s our question of the week. (21:00)

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Granite install

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