The possibilities offered by using more engineered wood, such as glulam timber in the construction industry is enticing builders and uniting environmentalists.

Research at the University of Massachusetts is proving that engineered wood, which is 20 wood boards glued together in layers, can with-stand twenty-one thousand pounds of pressure before cracking.

Referred to as “cross-laminated timber” and “mass timber,” the material appeals to builders, city planners, architects, and environmentalists.

Here are some of the Advantages of Glulam Timber Beams

Glulam timber
  1. For instance, builders see it as a way to build mid-rise structures faster and cheaper.
  2. City planners see a fast-track that could help reduce housing shortages.
  3. Of course, Architects love its lightweight and look.
  4. Most importantly, some environmentalists tout its ability to combat climate change.

As a result, engineered building materials would drastically-reduce the cement and steel that generate tons of greenhouse gases.

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