A Utah family has become the victim of extreme stalking involving unwanted service providers. The companies are being repeatedly sent to their home, according to police.

Walt Gilmore’s family in suburban Salt Lake City has been the target since August of a stalker using phone calls and texts to send a parade of people to the home for legitimate services and some illegal activities.

Up to 20 people per day are being called to provide electrical, plumbing, tree-trimming, and towing services, according to the home-owner.

Police estimate the combined loss to companies is more than $20,000 in wages and uncollected fees.

Officers have been called to the home at least 80 times since February.

Show Prep Source: https://www.snopes.com/ap/2019/03/25/an-extreme-stalker-has-a-utah-familys-home-under-siege/

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