When architect Ben Kaiser designed a 12-foot by 12-foot, two-story tiny house, he built it so the unit can be rotated 359 degrees to change the view, add privacy or follow the sun. Now he’s renting it out on Airbnb for $96 a night.

Kaiser started with a square footprint, blowing it up two stories, and putting a glass wall in the front and solid walls in the back.

He then placed the whole structure on top of a series of wheels connected to a steel base that rotates like a giant turntable.

Next, a steel lever was added to the platform’s socket under the porch to turn it on its axis.

The tiny home’s interior space includes a space-efficient living area, kitchen and full bathroom on the main floor. Climb upstairs to reach the loft.

Show Prep Source: https://expo.oregonlive.com/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/07/57144aab738679/take-a-whirl-portlands-famous-rotating-tiny-house-is-for-rent.html

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