Does your yard look like this in heavy rain? HydroBlox may be the answer for you to move standing water out of your yard and eliminate any possibility for Moisture Damage. Contact Pete and his team at HydroBloxWest for more information on this revolutionary product.



How Does HydroBlox Work?


This permanent, non-clogging filtration and water disbursement system resembles a black hunk of “macaroni and cheese” noodles. Its intertwining tubes and open void spaces allow rainwater to flow. HydroBlox performs its main function of moving H2O from one place to another by using the basic principle that it will take the path of least resistance.


Why We All Need HydroBlox


I think drainage is one of the hardest problems to solve with our homes. We’ve got to get that water away from the home, so you do not have foundation problems. I’ve posted these pictures on our website. It shows how to make water go away with a green solution that’s an alternative to French Drains. HydroBlox is made in the US by an American Inventor who needed to eliminate standing water. HydroBlox is also the preferred method for keeping moisture out from under the house. You don’t want moisture under your home. That can lead to mold and mildew, structural deficiencies, pests, and rodents.



Easy to install and 100% Environmentally friendly


It’s Easy to Install


HydroBlox is easy to install and 100% environmentally friendly. This porous, high-strength plastic channel can redirect water away from pooling problems by providing the path of least resistance. These recycled plastic planks take the place of gravel and deep trenches. Just butt them against each other to fill the channel and direct the problem out to the storm drains. I’ve also discovered that you don’t need a slope to solve your drainage problems. HydroBlox is covered by turf so they’re invisible and effective.


Contact Pete and his team at HydroBloxWest for more information on this revolutionary product.



Does your yard look like this when it rains?


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