HydroBlox Drainage Solutions

HydroBlox Drainage Solutions
HydroBlox Drainage Solutions

Our proprietary technology solution is the result of years of R&D by a team of construction and engineering professionals.  Third party, accredited laboratory testing and years of residential and commercial applications across a range of needs and industries has validated the HydroBlox solution.


Key attributes:


It’s faster, easier to install, requiring a fraction of time vs. old methods.


There’s far less property disruption. No heavy equipment, gravel, or big trenches required.


HydroBlox has less cost. Material costs + labor costs = much lower expense.


It requires no maintenance. Made from 100% recycled plastic, HydroBlox does not deteriorate.


It’s not slope dependent. Slope is nice to have for conveyance applications.  But, unlike old methods, a certain slope is not a must-have.


HyrdoBlox is environmentally friendly! 100% recycled plastic.

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HydroBlox Drainage Solutions