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Ask The Contractors
Remodel With Your Partner - Without Arguing

’…Til death do you part’, right? 

But the rules of your relationship may not apply when remodeling your home.

Turning your house upside-down during a remodel is stressful enough, but doing so while bickering over every last detail with your partner is almost impossible. That’s why a 2018 study found that 12 percent of couples considered separation or divorce during their remodel.

But just because you’re remodeling your home doesn’t mean your relationship as you know it is over.

“I often sit down with people, and before we do the remodel I explain that it’s going to be stressful. ”

Todd Bird, Host of

Here are some suggestions I’m can to give when you’re considering a remodel with your significant other:

  • Stick to the Plan
  • Budget Enough Money to Cover the Whole Project
  • If it’s a Big Project, Move Out and Make it an Adventure
  • Plan Your Meals in Advance
  • Be Aware of the Toll on your Pets and Kids

Stick with the Plan

Do not alter your plans because it causes so much stress. It trickles down to all the subcontractors, it causes a lot of disruption in the schedule, and it’s going to cost you more money. Resist saying, “I want this wall moved over 6 inches.” I encourage you to make sure your plans are well-done so you and your partner know exactly how you’re moving forward.

Make Sure You Have Enough Money

In fact, have a little reserved. If you’re doing a $150,000 renovation you should have 10% to 20% put aside. Hope you’ll never have to use it because the stress is not worth it. When you’re out of money it’s stressful, especially when you’re down to the last 10% of your project.

The last 10% is 90% of the work“.

It’s where you’re going to spend a lot of your money on light fixtures, granite countertops, and faucets. All of these finish projects cost a lot of money.

Move Out and Make It an Adventure

If it’s a big remodel, find an apartment and move out of the home. You can rent a little three-bedroom, one-bath home. You can live there for a year while you renovate the home. It’s cramped but it’s cozy, and it can be an adventure. This way you’ll be comfortable, and your family will be comfortable.

Plan Your Meals

When you’re doing a kitchen remodel and you don’t have a sink or appliances for 6 weeks that can become very expensive. And, this is another area where it can cause stress because you’re spending money you didn’t realize you were going to have to spend.

Keep an Eye on your Pets and Kids

Your children can be affected by remodels. You’ll want to make sure they are safe and that they understand what’s going on.

If it looks like you’re heading toward a divorce, get what I called the perfect house for married couples and that is a Duplex. Ha Ha. Get a duplex instead of a divorce. You don’t want to end your relationship with your partner over a remodel.  

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