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Question: How Do I Detect Mold Spores?
Question from Jeff in Folsom.
Environmental purity is a big concern for my family.
This is the Question:

How can I check my home for air-borne mold spores?

So, joining us now is Blake Roath, Owner / Operator of Select Environmental to help answer this question.

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What would make somebody suspect that they have mold spores in their home?

If they’re looking at black markings on their window sills because they’re not feeling good. Mold is allergenic, or most of them are. They are a known toxin, like Stachybotrys. But, I mean obviously, if you eliminate yourself from the situation, then you can take care of the problem. The truth is, there’s mold everywhere. There’s mold outside and there’s mold inside.

For example, you open the door; mold comes in mold goes out. So, basically, the way you determine whether you have unsafe levels is you take a sample inside, and you take one outside. If the sample inside is equal of the same species of fungi as it is outside, then that’s as clean as you can get it in the house, and to breath.

So, it seems like your own intuition would be what alerts you, right?

Yeah, I mean mold is penicillin, so if you’re allergic to penicillin, then that can affect you. You will notice. It may or may not affect you, though. I’ve been in situations where I was affected by spores while the guy standing next to me said, he was “fine”, and vice versa.  Where I once had a guy say that he was not feeling well, and I felt perfectly fine.

What solution should this homeowner do if they suspect they have dangerous mold spores floating around their home?

I would call an Environmental Consultant so we can test the air. They’ll come out and run some samples. The consultant will then take the samples in and have them read, write up a report, and give an analysis.

How long is the turnaround, and do you recommend they get out of the house in the meantime?

The turnaround time can be within a day, but it depends upon the consultant. Most of the time it’s a couple of days. I only recommend getting out of the house if you’re feeling bad. Otherwise, if they’re not feeling bad, then there’s no reason to get out of the house.

Penicillin Antibiotic

What are some of the symptoms of mold spores in your home?

It’s very similar to colds, and mostly respiratory irritation. It’s like having an allergy.

Could it be a problem if the mold spores stay in your home for a while?

Even more, you’ve got to have water to have mold. So, without water, there’s no way. I get this question a lot on jobs were doing.

What the experts are saying…

After we’re done clearing any mold, the homeowner always asks, “What’s my guarantee?”

I just tell them to keep it dry and I guarantee you won’t have mold again.

Blake Roath, Owner of Select Environmental

Finally, mold needs a food source. It needs moisture. Therefore, without moisture, fungus won’t grow.  

Select Environmental does not do the testing, they are strictly an abatement company. So, we recommend you contact some of Blake’s trusted Contractors, like Jim at NorCal. Mike at NAL. Also, Adams Labs.

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