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Question: Fireplace remodel
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This is a question from Angela.

I have a brick fireplace that is flush with the wall. The upper portion is drywalled. I would like to remove a portion of the upper drywall and expose more brick. It’s an exterior wall.

Here is the Question: “If I remove framing to expose the Brick, will that cause any structural damage?”

To help me answer this question, we have Angela with us…

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I love this fireplace question.

Angela: I saw a picture of a fireplace like mine. It had the upper drywall removed, and more brick exposed. I thought that would look nice in my room, so over this weekend we opened up the wall. There was a header on top of the fireplace. It also has a couple (2 x 4)s or (2 x 8)s coming down.

Two fireplaces side-by-side. The left is an example of brick to the ceiling. The right picture shows a fireplace with a header in place of a mantle.
Example of desired Fireplace (left) and Project from Angela’s home (right)

Todd:  Looking at this picture, that’s what you’re seeing. It is a header. Also, those two-by-fours that are coming down are supporting your roof. This is an exterior wall, so that is a total bearing wall. Yes, absolutely.

Angela: I didn’t know how much I could get away with to expose the back of that brick.

Todd:  It’s probably not a good idea to take those two short, little studs out -no. I would not take those out. Have you thought about putting a mantle above the brick and then starting brick above the mantle? Doing that would not disturb that header.

Angela: I wanted to put a real chunky Timber-like mantle but it’s pretty high.

“A good general contractor could tell you within a few minutes what you can and cannot do.”

“I strongly suggest you reach out to a professional.”

What it would take to remove any Header:

  • First, get a permit.  
  • You need a structural engineer to look at the project and give their blessing.
  • Be sure that any added weight to this fireplace is not over-bearing at it’s Footer area.
  • Reach out to a contractor or an engineer to look for possible structural issues.

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