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Question: Best Quality Paint for High Traffic Areas
Question from Mimi:
We installed factory painted doors that have one panel with an embedded trim of molding around the panel. Since the molding protrudes, it has become very scratched up and chipped. I understand how to fill the chips, but I want to paint the moldings with the strongest paint to endure the wear and tear it may get.
The doors are painted with a glossy matte.
This is the Question:
Which paint type would you suggest that has the finest look and the strongest effect?

Guess what? I’m hanging out at Home Depot today and they have a lot of quality paint types to choose from, so let’s figure this out for Mimi. In fact, Home Depot my favorite place in the world even if I’m not stocking up for a project. I come over here and I get great ideas.

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Quality paint

So, this is a really good question and I’ve posted a picture on You can actually see the door and it’s pretty beat up. The molding protrudes out from the door. I can see where people have taken hangers over the years and hung them up on the lip of the molding. And then below, it looks like people’s shoes or maybe grandkids with the big wheel has been hitting the door, so that’s pretty common.

Before I tell you the type of paint you should use, you’ve already said that you’re going to fill the holes with wood putty and sand them. Wood putty will adhere to the door best that way. Make sure you sand it again after using the putty. Then, take the door off the hinges and make yourself a spray booth outside. The booth should be in an area that’s open. Wear a mask so you don’t breathe any of the paint fumes.

For strong paint applications, use quality paint like Kelly-Moore Dura poxy. It comes in multiple colors. It’s durable and washable. Remove the hinges, remove the doorknob, and spray. Spraying will give you a much better finish, and it’s going to look so much nicer.

This is also a good time to paint the frame. The frame is part of the door too.

Todd Bird, Host of Ask The Contractors

The doors will look amazingly nice, and then you’re going to have a really nice project that you’re going to be very, very proud.

So again, you want to use dura-poxy paint from Kelly Moore. Go online and find out where Kelly Moore paints are sold near you!

If you have projects like this in the United States or beyond, send me your question. I’m going to give you the right answer, and if I don’t have the answer, guess what, I’m going to go to my website and find one of my Trusted Pros to come and answer the question together. Like Reeves Construction and DR Design & Remodeling.

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