Ask The Contractors
Ask The Contractors
Spring Home Improvement Projects

Quick and Easy Ideas to Spruce up your Home when the Nice Weather Arrives

With Spring on the horizon, it’s time to make improvements to your indoor and outdoor spaces to prepare for guests and enjoy your Spring entertaining.

Here are some project starters for you to take advantage of the beautiful weather while adding value to your home.

Start Inside –

  1. Fresh Paint – The smell of fresh paint makes a home feel good.
  2. Flooring – Tear the carpet out, and put new carpet in.
  3. Light Fixtures – They are fun to find and hang.

Your Outdoor Space –

  1. Build a Garden Box – Start with Tomato plants. They’re easy.
  2. Trim/ Prune trees – Be careful on the ladder tho.
  3. Add a Water Fountain – The sound is so peaceful in the garden.

For Curb Appeal –

  1. Shutters – Add some texture to your exterior home.
  2. Flowers by the Door – Put the color right there. It feels great.
  3. Fresh Paint – Paint is a nice DIY project.

You can find the right pros to complete your Spring projects on our website – Search our Trusted Home Improvement Contractors in our Directory… then request a bid.

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