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Question: Siding Replacements
Question from “S” in California
We are trying to avoid a full re-siding job since the siding is in great shape. But the gable-end of our ranch faces the street, and vertical would improve the look.

These are our Questions:
– Can we re-side one end of a horizontally sided house with vertical siding?
– Could we re-side just one end of the house in a vertical channel or board and batten siding in wood or metal?
– Where the two sidings meet on the corners, how would they be finished or joined?

Joining us now is Paul Reeves of Reeves Construction. He is an expert on home renovations. 

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Let’s take this one at a time.

First of all, Paul can they re-side one side of the house with vertical siding?

Paul: Absolutely, yes.

Todd: When it comes to the horizontal? How would they make that transition if, in fact, they have to make the transition at all?

Paul: Anytime you do something where we’re replacing siding and we’re meeting existing siding, you’re going to work around the corner. We want to make sure we get everything flashed properly. Everything needs to be sealed.

Now we’ve done these projects on the past and you’re basically going to take the type of molding on your horizontal siding, and with your vertical siding, it will either lay flat or butt on the edge. There’s going to be a little bit of difference.

We’re going to get new pieces of both and we’re going to rip them on the table saw to make sure they have a nice fit. It will have a nice transition that way.

Todd: In fact, behind that, we’re using a product such as Tyvek. You mentioned some other project products that can be put behind that siding as well. Corners and those transitional places take a beating.

Paul: Oh yeah.

Todd: The caulking sometimes becomes loose. Water can get in behind, so you really want to make sure you’re properly flashed.

Could we re-side just one end of the house in a vertical channel with metal?

Paul: They do have metal transition strips for the edges so absolutely you can do metal.

Todd: “We are trying to avoid a full residing job since the siding is in great shape, but the gable end of our ranch house faces the street. The vertical siding would improve the look.”

I don’t see any big issue here whether they want horizontal or vertical.

Paul: This is actually standard procedure. We’re assuming that gable end probably faces South or West. If so, it’s taking a lot of weather.

“After we get that siding off we should plan on re-flashing the corners, the windows, and vents. …and along the top, and the bottom edge.

We want to make sure has good weatherproofing.”

Paul Reeves, Reeves Construction

Todd:  And of course, when it comes to siding Paul is going to make sure there is proper insulation behind that siding.


Remember, you might want to upgrade your windows if you’re going through the expense of upgradings. Even if it’s not all the windows. Even if it’s just the side that you’re putting the new siding on. Upgrade to those dual-pane windows. Then upgrade your insulation, and make sure that your house is better protected after going through this type of an expense.

Another tip on wood siding

Paul: The house takes such a weathering. We will buy a better grade of wood siding and we’ll make sure the back, and all of the edges; even after the cuts are all sealed. Therefore, that will really extend the life of your home.

Todd: It’s a good idea to primer both sides before you put siding up. Don’t just slap it up then have the painters come and paint. You want to primer both sides. In short, you’re going to get a much more durable product.

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