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ATC Podcasts: Todd Bird's Tips and Tricks Ep4


Another week and another set of Todd Bird’s Tips and Tricks. This is one in a series to help you succeed in finding the right Trusted Pro for your remodeling and renovation project. Lets start with News from the home renovation industry. How are Millennials assembling their down payments; What is the rate of remodeling in the US and which metros are leading the way; Which are California’s most over-valued and under-valued counties?


Do you have a question for Todd Bird and Ask The Contractors? Rob from Canada asks about a basement support beam in a 100 year old home. Then Blue from Sacramento wants to know how to keep General Contractors on the job-site. You will be surprised by Todd’s answers. Send us your question from the front page of We want to hear from you.


We also want to keep you safe around your home remodeling project. Keep listening for tips and tricks that will save your fingers and toes… and even your right arm if you can make it through Todd’s Lumberyard horror story. Ouch.

Tips and Tricks Ep4

Host Todd Bird: Ready to Answer your Questions.


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