A new tech company is offering to redo your bathroom in three weeks. Plus they say you will pay 25% less than you’d pay a regular contractor. Would you do this??



Block Renovation is a new startup that allows customers to pick a bathroom out of a catalog of options designed by interior designers. You then choose to receive an instant quote and have that exact bathroom installed within three weeks.


Here is how it works. Customers go to the Block website and fill out a generic questionnaire about their renovation. The customer then gets a video consultation. The expert online at Block will talk them through the process.


The price goes up if you need to knock down a wall, install a bathtub, or include more shelving. That will alter the quote you receive.


The company says renovation will cost about 25% less than if you worked with a contractor yourself. The work will be done to commercial grade standards.


Its website says the average cost of a bathroom renovation is $19,300. The average New York renovation is $25,900. Right now, the service is only available in New York and New Jersey.

Would you do it?


Show Prep Courtesy: https://www.fastcompany.com/90280279/the-cofounder-of-casper-wants-to-make-home-renovation-less-hellish

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