Cabinets, Granite, Lighting and More

Its always exciting to see a project when it’s done. I think its always exciting to see a project while it’s being done.

Right now, this kitchen features beautiful cabinets that are being installed. 

We have this leather-type granite that we have put in.

We also have a backsplash that we are going to start putting up this week. It is going to be a simple white tile with a really nice accent piece right down the middle.

“This is Fun Stuff. I love this stuff.”

Host, Todd Bird

I get excited because the home features hardwood floors that we were able to match with the original house, and it’s going to come out perfectly.

You have got to see the lighting! Look at the recessed lighting. You could not get it any brighter in here. So, another job well done.

This is the type of stuff we talk about on the show.

And we bring our Trusted Pro Contractors in to help the home-owner create the perfect renovation.

This is what I love you do. This project will be done in about a week, so we will keep everyone updated on this kitchen remodel near the American River Parkway.

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