The summer time is coming and now is the best time to start those renovation and remodeling projects. But who do you know to do your electrical, or Plumbing, or Framing, or Roofing, or siding, or Windows installation? Don’t worry has endorsed pros available for you to search in our online Contractors Directory. How about gutters on the house? How about sheetrock? How about all your finished products like your flooring, baseboard trim, doors, and all those things that are involved in building your home? There are so many things to think about when going into a project like this; so many different types of important home improvement projects. Where else online and on radio is anyone talking about remodeling in the future? Only where we offer recommendations on our endorsed contractor specialists called Todd’s Trusted Pros. Together we properly remodel your home to get the best value and return on your investment. Being a contractor for over 30 years with my company, Toddco Builders, I like to joke around with my clients a little bit. Once I tear the house apart, I tell them I’ve never put one of these back together. “How do I do it?” That kinda of scares them a little bit but seriously, who’s going to put your home back together for you? Are you going to find the right contractor? It’s so important to consider one of Todd’s Trusted Pros. That’s what we talk aboutdaily on Ask the