Ask The Contractors
Ask The Contractors
Bathroom Features Making a Splash

Glass, Toilets, Tubs, and Saunas

While most home-owners don’t spend much time in our bathrooms, design experts say home buyers value bathrooms that are functional and well designed. 

So, we wanted to identify some of this year’s early bathroom trends that people might look for in their search to upgrade their bathrooms.

What can make a statement, Todd?


Glass makes a small bathroom look larger, and a large bathroom look even larger!! So, glass is a really good thing.

Mirrors, a glass doors, for your enclosure Sometimes your shower; you have the half glass. I know a lot of people disagree with this, but I still love the Glass Block. I think it gives a really, really classy look.

Bold colors. You know, the bathroom is one of those places where you can actually get away with some really bold colors. It’s not the focal point of your home. Something more moderate; like Swiss Coffee. That’s something that’s very subtle but when it comes to your bathroom, knock yourself out man.

“You can be bold and different and if you make a mistake, it’s a very simple room to repaint.”

Todd Bird, Host of Ask The Contractors

What is new and different in 2018 / 2019?


Wall mounted commodes. These are absolutely gorgeous. They’re up off the ground probably, about 4 in. They’re easy to clean, and it has the water saving techniques. A button for number one, and a button for number two. So, it’s a huge water saver.

If you’re remodeling, they’re tankless. The tank is actually inside the walls. You don’t see it, so all’s you see’s the commode. It’s a roomsaver and SpaceSaver. That’s another thing

What are some luxury touches?


Steam rooms. You take the tub enclosure, you go glass all the way up, and you put a steam system. It’s usually hidden somewhere, but they’re very easy. It’s nice after a workout. A steam room gets all those pores cleaned out. The hygiene from a steam room is absolutely awesome.

Jacuzzi tubs. Then you get out of that steam room and you rinse off. What are you going to do? Jump into that jacuzzi tub. That’s another good way to relax and pamper yourself.


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