Sunny California Leads the Way

In Los Angeles, homes with pools sell for $95-thousand more than comparable homes without them, according to a report from Redfin.

Swimming pools are worth more in Los Angeles than they are in any other major U.S. metro area.

Followed by Austin, Texas and Orange County, California, where a pool adds more than $50,000 to a typical home’s value.

How did Sacramento rank?? We have it for you… #13 on the list below.

Value of a Pool, Ranked by Average Premium per Square Foot
RankMetro areaAverage pool premium per square footMedian sale price (Feb. 2019)Value pool adds to a median-priced home  Percentage of homes sold in 2018 that have a pool
1Los Angeles, CA$56.45$600,000$95,392.96 23%
2Austin, TX$28.67$296,000$52,228.184.7%
3Orange County, CA$26.47$679,000$55,885.37 18.3%
4Riverside, CA$24.74$366,000$44,750.31 21%
5Fort Lauderdale, FL$19.57$260,000$36,964.24 45.6%
6Oakland, CA$18.35$700,000$29,487.12 8.7%
7Charlotte, NC$17.33$235,000$34,917.17 2.2%
8Tampa, FL$17.21$225,000$29,611.08 29.6%
9Houston, TX$16.42$232,000$35,736.25 16.6%
10Tucson, AZ$15.56$215,000$27,285.26 2.6%
11Las Vegas, NV$15.47$275,000$30,169.53 25.3%
12Cape Coral, FL$15.02$227,000$26,115.47 6.7%
13Sacramento, CA$12.70$385,000$20,615.83 22.1%
14Hampton Roads, VA$12.28$220,000$23,570.55 8%
15Atlanta, GA$11.95$235,000$26,482.52 3.6%
16Orlando, FL$11.29$249,000$21,300.36 18.7%
17San Diego, CA$11.19$555,000$20,001.29 15.3%
18San Antonio, TX$10.04$218,000$18,540.88 11.6%
19Phoenix, AZ$5.87$267,000$11,590.71 32.1%

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