Is there really a difference between double-pane and triple-pane windows? How much more energy efficient can they be, and are they worth the extra money? – James Mason


In terms of windows. you really need someone to come out and do an evaluation. You do not want to over-spend on triple-pane windows if it’s not necessary. Now if the window is facing the west in the Sacramento area, and there are no trees obstructing the views of the sun, you may want to consider triple-pane windows with argon gas. It’s a very good way of keeping that heat out. There are also windows you can have tinted. Have you ever noticed on your carpets and furniture, or your drapes that it’s discolored where the sun comes in and beats hard down on those products? Well, its because of the ultraviolet light that is getting through. I would encourage you to get with one of our Trusted Pros for an evaluation on askthe One that comes to mind is Cherry Home Improvement. They will do an audit for you. They will come out and look at your windows and then tell you exactly what you need.


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