First some background…

“Fixer Upper,” is an HGTV home remodeling show that showcases the charms of Waco, Texas. It’s been attracting tourists and new residents while raising home values and property taxes.

While the show ended its run in 2018 after five seasons, the stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines are getting the blame for swarms of tourists descending on the city.

And out-of-towners are driving up real estate prices.

New restaurants, bars, and stores are opening in previously empty buildings.

It’s not all Shiplap and Roses in Waco

But certainly, not everyone in Waco is a fan of their hometown’s new-found fame.

There’s a literal cost to all this growth: average home prices in the county have shot up nearly 52.1% in the past four years.

For some, that’s a tough pill for many longtime residents to swallow, particularly if they’re making Texas wages.

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